Pasteurizing process will kill the algae converting it to algae eating microbes

Odor Abatement and Removal of Algae with Naturally Occurring Microbes
A quantity of Algae water is pasteurized (185F) and placed in small 250 gallon plastic totes.  The algae is now a food source in which to grow a select strain of genus bacillus, beneficial microbes which occur naturally and perform many beneficial functions in our world. In approximately 48 hours the Microbes are ready to dose at select strategic sites in the water ways.  Just as  microbes consume human waste at Municipal Waste Water Treatment plants so these microbes will consume and multiply as they feed on the feral algae.  These flacultative microbes do not metabolize sulfur and therefore the odor will be minimized or eliminated.  The idea is to keep growing the dosing totes from the Mother tanks until the water way down stream is remeadiated.
A Note:  These Microbes are the beneficial bacillus found in Compost Soils

After the algae has been removed the drying process begins 
There are three types of de-watering systems capable of dealing with the slime

Geo tube - Can be used as retaining walls along the shore of Lake Okeechobee
Rotary Press is a closed loop system capable of de-watering
Pasteurizing process will kill the algae converting it to algae eating microbes

Geo Tubes can be used in Lake Okeechobee as retaining walls

Geo Tube

There are basically three steps to the sludge de-watering process. Initially, a mixture of liquid and solids are pumped into the de-watering tube and confined. The de-watering process begins almost immediately and continues as liquid drains through the geo-textile fabric, while the solids are retained inside. In the final phase minimizes the hydration of the solids

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