This Technology is available for licensing to Excavation Companies for Extending Vehicle Capabilities  throughout the United States

Mechanical Systems for Extracting Surface Slime and Bottom Muck from Ponds, Canals, Rivers, Lakes and Marinas

Toxic Algae Removal Summary                

Objective:  To safely remove toxic surface algae using environmentally friendly floating vacuum systems and semi-submersible rafts designed to lift the suspended algae particle bringing them to the surface for removal

Mechanics of removal process:
Blooms that are reachable by vehicles include
most marinas and residential areas can be treated by using land based mobile excavation trucks

All workers shall wear Hazmat suits and respirators and adhere to all environmental
Immediate action can take place for the vehicle accessible shoreline areas that are affected by the algae bloom

Experience and qualifications include over 40 years in the marine/ocean engineering field

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